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CORONAVIRUS update Below



As we navigate this pandemic it seems our conversations with guests and amongst our personal lives are becoming more and more redundant and seemingly negative about the situation at hand. It is nothing but our social responsibility to take our health officials mandated policies seriously, even behind closed doors. Alas, we must also continue to remain positive both on a personal and business level. Prior to our community being effected by the virus, ANMLY was experiencing significant growth in unexpected ways, and performing at a promising level. The vision for the cafe has and will continue to be an entrepreneurial pursuit, one that is constantly looking for ways to improve quality, efficiencies, growth, and experience for both customers and staff. We view the situation at hand as unfortunate but also a time where we can get creative and utilize our problem solving abilities to improve, and look into new avenues of supporting and building our community.


Here are some ways we plan to keep our cafe safe, keep our staff paid, and give support and relief to our community members:


  1. Online Ordering. We have brought on an online ordering system that will allow us to take orders and payments with zero to minimal contact, or possibility of spreading germs. 

  2. Bicycle Delivery. We will be piloting a bicycle delivery system next week in hopes that we can help support social distancing, as well as offer employment opportunities, and of course promote healthy and sustainable modes of transportation. 

  3. Providing food to laid off restaurant workers. Last week we offered an 86% discount to any restaurant or hospitality worker who has lost a job in the recent weeks.

  4. ANMLY Provisions. We have crafted and begun to sell pantry and fridge items to bring a taste of ANMLY home with you. This includes Hot Sauce, Chai Concentrate, Coffee Beans, Oat Milk, Candles, etc. T-shirts coming soon!

  5. Supporting Small Business. Every week, we will be choosing a local business to support.

  6. Partnerships and Collaborations. We already have a few in the works, and hope to work together with our business neighbors and community partners. Stay tuned!

  7. Keep the Cafe and it’s employees working in a sterile, and safe space by ramping up disinfectant procedures and minimizing contact.


We want to thank you for all of the support we have received. We urge you to take precautions to stay healthy and safe. Yet we must all do our best to remain positive, selfless, and get creative in utilizing this time for personal and community growth.