Check out our 1 Year update Below


Mama, we made it. As we celebrate one year of service, we recognize the lengths it took to get to where we are today. We are humbled by the faults we have made, and are re-energized in our continuous focus of positive progress. 


It’s in the moments of pause and reflection that we grow. Milestones present us with an opportunity to consider where we’ve come from and re-evaluate the direction we are headed in. After a full year in orbit, we are beginning to solidify exactly which direction that is, yet are still excited by the opportunity of challenging ourselves to dial in on our mission of being the best we can be. Striving to constantly improve and grow, is in some ways like chasing a moving finish line. In another sense, we are never really finished. 


We have a lot of big ideas and we have a very small cafe. In addition to our daily service, in the coming year we hope to tackle some larger projects and event based work expanding our involvement within the community. But above all else we will continue to stay true to our values of minimizing waste, exhibiting creativity within our product, and concentrating on attention to detail while never letting the customer experience waiver. 


Nearly 365 days since opening our doors, we’ve cleared the year-long hurdle of starting out in a town where restaurants have a hard time surviving. Especially those who are brave enough to stray from the status quo. We’ve learned to proactively problem solve, to bounce back, to deal with broken dishwashers, clogged drains, unreliable vendors, robberies, unhappy guests, flooding espresso machines, and put out the constant fires that the restaurant industry faces. We have made countless mistakes, and poor decisions, but we have become adaptable and proactive. Taking on a unique and experimental approach, we of course cannot please everyone. If we held that mentality, we would succumb to a loss in quality and intention. Our presence in Bellingham is certainly growing, and we have seen exciting glimpses of our potential as a business. In some ways it feels that we are over the hump of being a new business and all the chaos that comes with that, but alternatively, the drive to continually improve and make adjustments inherently causes its own set of stressors to be addressed.


We strive to be a leader and in order to achieve that we must also be receptive to feedback, and open to change. We recognize that there are always improvements to be made, and need to let go of the ego to better serve our incredible community. We are extremely appreciative of all the support, feedback, encouragement, and good times our customer base has given us, and are very excited to keep our momentum rolling into year two. 


Going forward, we will continue to be innovative problem solvers, and challenge ourselves to be forward thinkers, yet be balanced and reasonable. In essence, ANMLY hopes to deviate from the expected, to be an anomaly.