How do you pronounce ANMLY?
Our name is pronounced Anomaly (uh-naa-muh-lee) - as in something that deviates from the standard, normal, or expected.

What exactly does ANMLY do?
In simple terms, we are a cafe - a social space offering breakfast, coffee & lunch. Beyond that, we work to engage with our community in a variety of ways; host private and public events/pop-ups, run fundraisers and collaborations, advocate for sustainable practices within the restaurant industry, offer a small wine, merch and market retail section, supply Bellingham with an ever changing, always banging Spotify playlist, and above all have fun by being innovative and creative.

Are you Vegan/Vegetarian?
No. We are certainly plant forward. Our menu changes frequently (generally speaking every couple of months), and sometimes it includes meat, sometimes it does not. We do our best to craft our offerings in a way that can be easily modified to suit specific dietary restrictions and allergens. 

I've ben hearing around town that you are zero waste. What exactly does that mean?
We do NOT operate at zero waste. We must be very clear on that. We are mindful of the waste we create and take active steps to drastically minimize landfill contributions primarily through composting, and operational efficiencies.
How have you been doing throughout the Pandemic, and are you open?
Thanks to our supportive community, we have weathered the pandemic well, and have remained open. We are back to offering limited indoor dining as well as uncovered outdoor dining.

Why can't I always order the Breakfast Burrito?
Our kitchen is open 8am-2pm, some days, by necessity, we will close the kitchen even earlier. Beverages and small bites are available until close. We are extremely limited by space/equipment, and often times are simply too busy to successfully manage a surge in orders. Limiting our offerings and managing our orders allows us to achieve the consistent level of quality and attention to detail we hold our standard to. 

I really want some food, but the wait is 45 minutes?
We get busy. With moving towards more of a takeout joint, we cannot control the volume of orders that sit down dining capacity typically enables - think a wait list. However, you can easily place your order and select a pickup time well in advance to ensure your order will be met within the time frame that suits you best. We highly encourage online ordering if you are on a tight schedule. 

I'm looking to get in touch with ANMLY. How can I do this?
Email is the best form of communication. Please do not call us - our business phone number is meant for phone orders only. Please do not come by the Cafe without an appointment - our staff are very busy, and will tell you to email us. Drop us a line at info@anmlycafe.com.
Whats the deal with Fairhaven Pizza?
Fairhaven Pizza is our Sister Restaurant - both locations offer many similarities. If you love ANMLY, we think you'll love Fairhaven Pizza as well. Gift cards and our rewards program works at both locations as well, so go grab a pie!

Are you hiring?
Staffing changes frequently, and we are constantly growing. Because of this, we are always looking for talent, and most of the time can find a position for applicants we feel will mesh well with our team culture, share similar values, are ambitious about taking on a challenge, and will help us grow. We keep resumes on file for 3 months, so please send us a resume at info@anmlycafe.com.



Tel. (360) 922-3660

email. info@anmlycafe.com

instagram. @anmlycafe



119 N Commercial Street,

Downtown Bellingham, WA

Open 7 Days a Week