ANMLY is a modern cafe serving a simple yet refined morning and midday menu accompanied by an elevated but user-friendly specialty coffee and beverage experience. We serve the Downtown Bellingham Community Breakfast, Lunch, and coffee with a focus on sustainability, nutrition, and fresh offerings.


Globally Inviting. Intentionally Plated. Nutrient Dense.


We are located on the ground floor of the historic Bellingham Towers.

Open Mon-Fri (8:00-3:00)

Saturday (8:30-2:00)

Closed Sunday


COME say hey!

Who we are

ANMLY was founded on the simple goal to “create things that others enjoy.” OUR menu has been carefully curated to adhere to the core values of quality, nutrition, and environment. The cafe space offers a bright, approachable atmosphere, filled with good music, good people, and good times.


A morning ritual should be a source of inspiration. ANMLY is working towards operating at zero waste by eliminating single-use items, MINIMIZING FOOD WASTE, and being conscious in our business decisions. we hope to be an inspiration on the forefront of living a motivated, well-balanced, sustainable lifestyle, AND ABOVE ALL, HAVE FUN!